At Gerbang we have implemented Paygateway as simple it can be and user friendly to all users. Even when it comes to employee personal details management, it’s so simple yet powerful (extendable to be a full scale HRM solution).


Employee and job related information required to run employee payroll kept securely here. Can be configure independently for all employees.


Information related to salary with effective date for each employees can be keyed in and together with all past salary records can be viewed here.


Whether it’s earning or deduction, all recurring payitem can be created with starting date and ending date. Ending date can be optional. As of adhoc payitem, can be also created based on monthly.


Our loan management module is simple yet powerful which will keep track of all created loan and paid loan so far. The system can even detect balance payment less than default repayment value.


Attachment acts as storage where any document related to employees such as permits, passport, identification card, appointment letters, confirmation letters and many more stored to Paygateway space. Search function also available for faster identification required documents.


e-Attendance on Demand integrates seamlessly with PayGateway, provide clients with a secure, full-featured and easy-to-use time tracking solution for employers. It comes with handy client time attendance file upload and fill in default working hours by a click of a button.


This is the heart of Paygateway where all calculation related payroll will be run. Paygateway have been designed so efficiently that it can process within 5 minutes on average. Payroll of the month can be closed after each process finalised.


e-Claim module is a simple online system that help to control and manage department expenses. Our system has approving work flow simplifies the way you filter, verify and approve claims and auto calculate into payroll. • Paperless • Approval Structure • Remarks and attachment of receipts for future reference.


Have you wondered how to restrict your payroll officer from accessing all sensitive data within payroll system? This is exactly where you can assign privileges by modules, project, departments or assignments. It’s just a click away.


Do you want to view and print history of your employees? This module does exactly what you’re looking for. You can find all summary information of most of the modules here.


All government reports (LHDN, EPF, SOCSO, etc) and management internal reports will be produced immediately after process have been run.

Time Card

Time Card plays important role by displaying summary of attendance for each employee or by project, departments, assignments.


Administrator of your organisation can configure Paygateway and the system will instantly update the new settings.


e-Payslip concept are well understood – paper payslips not only time consuming but can be costly to distribute and not environmentally friendly. Our e-Payslip gives significant time savings to be made not forgetting the fact that specialist payslip printing and sealing machines no longer need to be purchased and maintained by client. However we still offer hardcopy payslip printing and delivery at our end with a minimal fee.


e-Leave module let employee to request leaves online without going through hardcopy form submission. The leaves then will be approved or rejected by HR. As of for employee, they can also cancel applied leaves which yet to be approved. System will calculate & alert annual leave balance for easier monitoring & this module is integrated together with e-attendance.

Employer Page

Our client has a special login page to view and print reports. Profile company will be updated regularly as well statutory board updates. This page specially for the company to access report for company's statistical information and other HR works. Custom-made report based on requirement can be developed, talk to us at 03-8734 5372.


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