What is the future and trend for the food industry in Malaysia?

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January 5, 2017

What is the future and trend for the food industry in Malaysia?

Food industry in general is a complex, diverse and dynamic world. And it’s the utmost priority in human’s daily activity. To sustain in F&B business is greatly challenging and competitive too.

Malaysia consists of multiethnic food choices with traditional touch which results in a symphony of flavours, making Malaysian cuisine highly complex and diverse.

What is the future and trend for the food industry in Malaysia? Are we consuming the healthy way or we are manipulated and influenced by the advertisers’ target?

To get this forecast, two Malaysian chefs with vast experience have some interesting insights and tasteful views to share. Malaysian food is healthy in general but it really depends on the detail factors such as preparation of the food, portions, materials and many more. Now this two chefs join force to compete in the business world as “Successful Entrepreneurs”, not only providing quality food but aim to create sustainable business in a creative way with traditional touch. They believe by providing healthy food in style is not only about food but also to take consideration of the overall supply chain. By focusing overall perspective in food business, it will be able to create sustainable business model.

Knowing the food and venturing in the business allows them to create job opportunities for the young and energetic food operators and uplift their standard by instilling the real value in food industry. One of the efforts is they embarked on a food court at Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam. They managed to identify top quality food from the street operators and uplift their standards and guided them to the next level.

What is the next level for the street food operators? The hawkers learning how to evaluate productivity vs human capital development, create and train food preparation based on standard operation, improving in soft skills and etc… From ordering the right plates to the garbage bin, every aspect will be trained in the process of running the food court handled by these two chefs.

Their focus is not only to male money but it is also part of the passion that they have towards the “Malaysian Cuisine”. These chefs started their career with no formal foundation but build upon experience over 25 years in the industry and they embarked on this wonderful journey with just one mission, to deliver the real Malaysian taste to the people!

Now they are successfully running their own in-house catering business, which focuses on corporate companies and serving daily for more then 3000 staffs. In-House catering is mainly focusing on companies which provide food for their own staff and the company management fully compensates the cost for the employees. Based on their experience, this strategy works by increasing loyalty together with the productivity and it directly links back to the healthy food lifestyle.

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